Chronic Disorder Package

Invest in long-term health at The Raj, American’s Premier Ayurveda Health Spa—an award-winning, holistic wellness destination offering powerfully rejuvenating packages that can help transform health, reverse chronic disorders, and revitalize your body’s inherent healing abilities.

Our all-inclusive Chronic Disorder Package includes:

  • Customized pre-arrival diet and herbal regimen to ensure maximum results from your treatments
  • Private single-bedroom room
  • Welcome package including The Raj Balance Through Ayurveda Booklet and a personal thermos to take home.
  • Initial Ayurvedic Consultation with Pulse Assessment
  • Follow-up consultations during your stay
  • Individually tailored going-home recommendations
  • Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments (2 hours a day)
  • Herbal Enema or “Basti” (optional)
  • Organic, vegetarian meals designed to enhance your detoxification experience  (If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know in advance)
  • Yoga classes daily
  • Evening lecture series
  • Access to The Raj Ayurveda video series

Packages available from 5-21 days (or longer if desired)

Whether you have questions about our chronic disorder packages or you are ready to start your journey to balanced health, we would love to hear from you.

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