Wellness Weekend: A Taste of The Raj

Let our schedulers help you customize a one or two-day visit to The Raj — America’s Premier Ayurveda Health Spa. Start your stay with an Ayurvedic Wellness Session to learn diet and lifestyle recommendations that best support your unique mind/body type. Experience the soothing rejuvenation of our Ayurveda Spa Treatments and discover how the practical science of Ayurveda can help you maintain balanced health and happiness. Our schedulers can make recommendations based on your desires and interests. Be sure to call us a week before your intended stay, so that we can customize a program for you.

A Taste of The Raj includes:

  • Special room rate for one or two nights
  • Ayurvedic Breakfast (hot cereals and stewed fruit)
  • Evening lecture series
  • Yoga classes
  • One or two à la carte Maharishi Rejuvenation treatments

Treatments available for the Taste of The Raj program include:

  1. Abhyanga
  2. Shirodhara
  3. Anti-Stress Massage
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Royal Beauty Treatments for Women including:
    • Body Beautiful for weight loss and cellulite reduction
    • Blissful Rose body treatment
  • Option of scheduling an Ayurveda Wellness Consultation with our Raj Ayurveda experts
  • Option of Ayurvedic vegetarian spa meals

Our Taste of The Raj package starts at $420 and depends on the length of your stay and the treatment options you choose.

Our schedulers will help you create the ideal package to suit your needs. For more questions and for pricing information, call us today and begin your introduction to the Ayurveda.

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