Wellness Sessions

The Raj Ayurveda Wellness Session with Pulse Assessment

The key to unlocking your path to wellness lies in understanding the unique needs of your physiology. During your Wellness Session, our Ayurveda experts use the ancient technique of Pulse Assessment to identify your natural body type and detect areas of accumulating imbalances.  They will teach you how to best support your own balanced state of health through individualized diet, herb, and lifestyle recommendations.

Time: 30 minutes

Fee: $200
(Follow-up visits are available, ranging from $115 if the follow-up appointment is within six weeks)

Phone Wellness Consultations

Unable to make the trip but still interested in Ayurveda and finding out about your specific needs? Schedule a Wellness Session via phone or video instead. The customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations offered by our experts can help better support your path to balanced health.

Fee: $200
Note: MA Wellness sessions are not medical in nature and are not for diagnosing or treating disease.


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