Authentic Ayurvedic Programs for Chronic Disorders

The Chronic Disorders Programs at The Raj help to enliven the inner intelligence of the body and strengthen the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Not only do our guests go home feeling renewed in body and spirit, they also report that the benefits from their stay continue to grow long after they have returned home.

According to Ayurveda, chronic disorders are primarily the result of imbalances and impurities that accumulate over time and interfere with the body’s ability to function properly. As we age, impurities caused by poor diet, compromised digestion, stress, environmental influences, and other factors build up in our joints, tissues and cells. The Raj offers traditional Ayurvedic detoxification treatments, known as Panchakarma, to remove deeply imbedded blockages, thus helping to improve metabolism and stimulate the body’s remarkable capacity for self-repair. By removing deep-seated toxins, balance begins to be restored throughout the entire physiology.

You will start your stay with an initial Ayurvedic Consultation. Using the traditional technique of Pulse Assessment, our Ayurvedic experts will determine your current state of balance and imbalance and design custom treatment program to best address your needs.

Our guests have seen remarkable health results, including:

  • Reduced insulin dependency
  • Decrease in high cholesterol
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Improved blood sugar
  • Significant reduction of chronic pain
  • Improvement in gut health and digestive issues
  • Decreased dependence on prescription medications
  • Reversal of diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Lessening of anxiety and depression
  • Relief of symptoms in post cancer recovery
  • And more…

The Raj Ayurvedic detoxification treatments are especially effective in that that they remove harmful fat-soluble chemicals (lipophilic toxins), which get stored in the body’s fat cells. Conventional spa treatments and cleanses are not able to remove this class of environmental toxins. (To see research on our treatments, click here)

Your program at The Raj includes both in-residence treatments and customized recommendations for you to integrate into your routine at home. Our multi-modality approach provides the most comprehensive natural health care program for chronic disorders available today.

The Raj offers Chronic Disorder programs for:

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Lasting Health Begins Here

Located in Fairfield, Iowa!

Lasting Health Begins Here

Located in Fairfield, Iowa!

Lasting Health Begins Here

Located in Fairfield, Iowa!