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Our all-inclusive packages offer everything you need to begin your journey to balanced health. Because all our programs are based on one comprehensive system of health care, each step supports every other step to accelerate your experience of increased vitality and well-being. Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll leave with comprehensive recommendations that will allow you to continue your progress at home. If you are interested in individual day treatments or instruction in meditation, our team is happy to arrange your appointments around your treatment program.

Chronic Disorder Package

The Raj Ayurveda Chronic Disorder packages offer the most comprehensive natural wellness program available today. Reducing the imbalances at the basis of long-standing conditions often requires several months of natural healthcare interventions. Our Chronic Disorder programs have three phases that include 1) a preparatory home program, 2) in-residence treatments and consultations and 3) a recommended follow-up home program including diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations.

This customized program is individually tailored to your health needs. More than just a simple 5-21 day visit, The Raj Program for Chronic Disorders is a holistic plan designed to transform your health and well-being.


Prevention and Rejuvenation Package

Our Ayurvedic treatment programs are both powerful and uplifting. Once reserved for the royal families of India, this time-tested, multi-faceted approach detoxifies the body while reducing the damaging effects of stress, nurturing the tissues, and strengthening the body’s natural rejuvenating abilities. During your 5 to 10-day, all-inclusive stay, you’ll learn about your specific mind/body type and what kind of foods, activities and daily routine best support your balanced state of health. Our in-residence Prevention Package is the perfect cornerstone for preventive health care.


Basic Rejuvenation Package

This 5 – 10-day all-inclusive program includes everything offered in our In-Residence Prevention and Rejuvenation Package except the initial at-home preparation phase and the herbal enemas at the end of each treatment.


Learn Transcendental Meditation

Join certified TM® teachers for this  5-day, 6-night transformational experience. Learn all about Transcendental Meditation® technique and everything you need to know to easily incorporate it into your daily life.


Ayurveda Wellness Session with Pulse Assessment

The key to unlocking your path to wellness lies in understanding the unique needs of your physiology. During your Wellness Session, our Ayurveda experts use the ancient technique of Pulse Assessment to identify your natural body type and detect areas of accumulating imbalances. They will teach you how to best support your own balanced state of health through individualized diet, herb, and lifestyle recommendations.


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