Ayurvedic Chronic Fatigue Program

The Raj Program for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), based on the science of Maharishi Ayurveda, provides the most comprehensive natural approach available today, both in terms of identifying causes and providing treatment.

CFS is very real to those who suffer from its debilitating symptoms. Because Western medicine has difficulty identifying the causes of this disorder, however, it offers few effective treatments.

The traditional Ayurvedic technique of Pulse Assessment helps identify subtle underlying imbalances in the body that often manifest as chronic conditions, including CFS. Locating these imbalances allows for a targeted treatment program to be created to re-establish balanced health.

A foundational cause of CFS is the buildup of toxins in the tissues. At the heart of your program at The Raj are the Ayurvedic detoxification treatments, known as Panchakarma. These powerful yet luxurious treatments help cleanse the body and open the channels of circulation. Our multi-faceted approach also helps to improve digestion and metabolism, allowing for the formation of nutrient plasma that is easy to assimilate, providing much needed energy and nourishment to the entire physiology.


With So Many Options, Why Choose The Raj?

Our goal is to help you progress toward balanced health during your stay and to give you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy continued improvement when you return home.
  • Individualized Programs – Chronic Fatigue

    Our Ayurveda experts will design a customized program specifically for your chronic fatigue condition, including specialized recommendations that you can continue at home.

  • Boutique Experience – Chronic Fatigue

    For 25 years The Raj has lead the field in Ayurveda treatments. By accepting only 15 guests at a time, The Raj maintains the highest quality of individualized service and treatment.


“After two days of panchakarma plus daily yoga, I felt I'd entered the uncharted zones beyond relaxation—and could easily get used to the feeling.”

“One of the seven recommended Ayurveda Health Centers in the U.S.A.”

"The Raj is truly a place to regain a radiant state of health, spiritual well-being, and youthfulness."

"One of the four recommended silent/meditative retreats."

"The center is both an enlightening and a therapeutic experience for those who are seeking a better understanding of their body and metabolism."

"By my second day, I began to notice that tension and imbalance seemed to be lifted from my body. I felt renewed, refreshed, with a clearer peace of mind, and it was like nothing I've felt before."

"One of the top seven destination spas capable of customizing an intimate, personalized spa experience that meets individual health goals."

Frequently Asked Questions

Many disorders can occur when toxins build up in our tissues. These toxins can come from our environment, or we can create them ourselves through compromised digestion. When our digestion is not working well and food is not being digested properly, a sticky toxin is formed that Ayurveda calls Ama. Ama creates further digestive problems such as bloating, gas, or constipation. Eventually it moves out of the gut into the channels of circulation causing obstructions and disturbing the delicate biochemistry of the body. Ama blocks the flow of nutrients, wastes and hormones, and impedes the metabolism of healthy tissues. Toxins can also block the channels of circulation, thus diminishing the natural cleansing processes of the body and allowing more impurities to accumulate in the tissues.

Eventually the body’s immune system becomes compromised and the body becomes vulnerable to viral or fungal infections that are often associated with CFS.

The Ayurvedic purification treatments received during your Raj program address the need to cleanse the body and open the channels of circulation by providing the most thorough internal cleansing programs available in Ayurvedic medicine. In fact, research has shown that these treatments remove a class of toxins (fat-soluble toxins) that no other purification method can remove.

Balancing the doshas is an important step in addressing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Generally CFS involves an imbalance of either Vata dosha and/or Pitta dosha. This is why identifying your specific levels of imbalance through the traditional Ayurvedic technique of Pulse Assessment is such key part of your treatment program at The Raj.

According to Ayurveda, the root-cause of CFS is weak digestion and weakness of the liver. Poor digestion leads to the formation of toxins in the digestive tract, which eventually travel throughout the body.  When this happens, the doshas can become imbalanced.

Vata is the organizing principle for the nervous system. When Vata becomes imbalanced, it can affect sleep, compromise the formation of muscles and bone, and increase the body’s sensitivity and experience of pain. Those with a Vata-type chronic fatigue may experience dry skin, constipation, coldness, and weakness in the body. Tremors, joint pain, weakness and numbness can also result.

If there is an imbalance in Pitta dosha, chronic fatigue symptoms may result in diarrhea and/or liver problems. Pain and inflammation, sweating and irritability can also occur.

The deeply purifying Panchakarma therapies not only cleanse the cells and tissues of long-standing impurities, they help balance and reset digestion and metabolism.

During an in-residence stay for CFS, our Ayurveda experts will use pulse assessment to determine the unique state of balance and imbalance of your body’s inner intelligence.

This is an assessment of a deep level of physiological functioning that controls the healing and self-repair mechanisms of the body. Disruptions on this level are the root cause of most chronic disorders.

People can have different symptoms of CFS and need different programs to address their condition. The Raj Ayurveda experts will create a customized program to target the imbalances that are causing your CFS symptoms. This is the value of the initial Ayurvedic assessment of your state of balance and imbalance at the start of your program.

Stressors like infections, allergies and mental stress are well known to trigger or worsen CFS symptoms. In addition, feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness are common with those who suffer from CSF because of the isolating nature of their condition. Enhancing the body’s ability to recover from stress is an integral part of The Raj’s approach to health and well-being.

During your in-residence stay at The Raj, we offer Yoga classes every day to give you a simple but profound set of postures that can be practiced daily to create a healthy flexibility throughout the body. We also instruct you in individualized Yoga breathing practices that create a state of restful alertness in mind and body. 

We also recommend classes in the Transcendental Meditation® program. The TM technique has a wealth of scientific research verifying its effect on reducing many of the mental and stress factors influencing arthritis. Research shows it creates virtually the opposite physiological response that stress does and helps the body recover more quickly from stressful stimuli.

If you choose to learn meditation during your in-residence stay at The Raj, trained teachers of the Transcendental Meditation® program are available to instruct you.

Please note that the price of instruction in TM is in addition to your package price.

One of the most important factors for balancing Vata and maintaining stability in the nervous system is to have a lifestyle that does not disrupt natural bodily rhythms. When we eat, sleep, and exercise in constantly fluctuating and disturbing patterns, the body loses its natural balancing cycles and cannot cleanse or heal itself as effectively. Therefore, regularity in our daily routine can be extremely effective in reducing the Vata imbalances at the basis of CFS.

Our Ayurveda experts will review your daily routine and provide information you need to create a daily schedule that will actually increase balance in your nervous system and aid in healing your body.

The Raj transformed the life of Mani Windkelman, who suffered for 20 years with chronic fatigue syndrome so severe that on many days she couldn’t’ get out of bed. Her first visit to The Raj “improved my condition 30 percent.” Mani said, “I went back a year later, and that took me up another 25 percent; the next year, another 20 percent.” Now she’s planning a two-month trip to Thailand and India — a journey she couldn’t have conceived of four years ago.

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