Ayurvedic Multiple Sclerosis Program

The Raj MS Program, based on the science of Maharishi Ayurveda, provides the most comprehensive natural approach to MS available today, both in terms of identifying causes and providing treatment.

According to Ayurveda, a number of imbalances play a role in MS, including the accumulation of impurities and the disruption of Vata dosha, the governing principle that controls the overall level of balance and activation of the nervous system. Classic symptoms of imbalanced Vata are identical to many of the conditions and symptoms often associated with MS.

The buildup of plaque around inflamed nerves often seen with MS is an example of impurities accumulating in tissues and disrupting delicate biochemistry. At the heart of our programs are the traditional Ayurvedic purification therapies called Panchakarma. These treatments remove deep-seated impurities and provide a balancing effect to the entire nervous system.

At The Raj, we have witnessed significant improvements in guests with MS symptoms. Our experience is that MS symptoms respond well to changes in diet and lifestyle, stress reduction, and to the purification and rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda.

With So Many Options, Why Choose The Raj?

Our goal is to help you progress toward balanced health during your stay and to give you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy continued improvement when you return home.
  • Individualized Programs – MS

    Our Ayurveda experts will design a program best suited for your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) condition, including specialized recommendations to continue at home.

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    For 25 years The Raj has lead the field in Ayurveda treatments. By accepting only 15 guests at a time, The Raj maintains the highest quality of individualized service and treatment.


“After two days of panchakarma plus daily yoga, I felt I'd entered the uncharted zones beyond relaxation—and could easily get used to the feeling.”

“One of the seven recommended Ayurveda Health Centers in the U.S.A.”

"The Raj is truly a place to regain a radiant state of health, spiritual well-being, and youthfulness."

"One of the four recommended silent/meditative retreats."

"The center is both an enlightening and a therapeutic experience for those who are seeking a better understanding of their body and metabolism."

"By my second day, I began to notice that tension and imbalance seemed to be lifted from my body. I felt renewed, refreshed, with a clearer peace of mind, and it was like nothing I've felt before."

"One of the top seven destination spas capable of customizing an intimate, personalized spa experience that meets individual health goals."

Frequently Asked Questions

Guests often ask, “Can MS respond to the natural approaches of Maharishi Ayurveda?” The Raj team of Ayurveda experts witnessed significant improvements in guests with MS symptoms, including cases of long-term remission. During over twenty years of operation we have observed again and again that MS symptoms respond well to changes in diet and lifestyle, stress reduction and especially to the natural, traditional rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda, called Panchakarma.

While modern medicine understands that Multiple Sclerosis involves a slow progression of patches of demyelination in the brain and spinal cord, it is less clear as to what triggers this process in the first place. From the Ayurveda perspective a number of imbalances play a role in MS and must be addressed in order to reverse symptoms of the condition.

Imbalance and deterioration of nervous system strength and stability

According to Ayurveda, the functioning mode in the body called Vata controls the overall level of balance and activation of the nervous system. MS is a classic Vata imbalance. This Vata imbalance is responsible for many conditions and symptoms some of which are often associated with MS, including: Insomnia, pain, headaches, constipation, anxiety, worry and fear, fatigue, dry or rough skin, poor digestion, loss of weight and heightened sensitivity.

The buildup of toxins and impurities in tissues

The buildup of plaque around affected nerves with accompanying inflammation that is seen in MS is a classic example of impurities accumulating in tissues and disrupting delicate tissue biochemistry. Cleansing the tissues of impurities and resetting the physiology to keep impurities from being created in the first place is a fundamental approach of Maharishi Ayurveda.

Compromised immune response and depressed healing and resistance ability

Modern medical theories postulate infection by a latent virus as a possible cause of MS and often use immune function enhancing therapy to strengthening the body’s natural immune response. The rejuvenation treatments at The Raj are known to enliven the natural healing ability of the body.

Physical and mental stress

Experiences of high mental and physical stress often are associated with a relapse of the condition and worsening of symptoms of MS. The Ayurveda approach to managing MS includes stress reduction therapies to reversing the body’s response to stress.


At the heart of The Raj in-residence programs are the traditional Ayurveda purification therapies, known as “Panchakarma”. Guests enjoy 2 hours of treatment daily, administered by highly trained Ayurvedic technicians. Powerful yet luxurious, these treatments are deeply cleansing, removing toxins and impurities from the tissues and opening the channels of circulation and elimination. Both purifying to the body and relaxing to the nervous system, our Ayurvedic treatments help remove imbalances and reactivate the body’s own remarkable healing mechanisms.

Scientific research verifies that the Ayurvedic treatments offered at The Raj remove significant levels of harmful environmental toxins. In addition, numerous case studies report considerable lessening of symptoms of long standing chronic conditions.


Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis

A 35-year-old male presented with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. He was admitted to a hospital in Florida three weeks prior to visiting The Raj with complaints of weakness and spasticity in the right leg, difficulties with balance, and fatigue and malaise. Tests performed at the Florida hospital revealed abnormalities in spinal fluid and MRI brain scan, which were consistent with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

The patient complained of being severely depressed and anxious. One month prior to this he noticed aching and loss of vision in the left eye. Upon being discharged from the Florida hospital, his physician advised him that nutritional supplements and dietary approaches would not alter the course of the disease. He was discharged with a prescription for Xanax (a tranquilizer).

When the guest arrived at our facility, examination revealed abnormalities of the left eye and optic nerve, abnormal reflexes in both legs, with weakness and lack of coordination in both legs and severe difficulty walking. The patient underwent an Ayurvedic program which included Ayurveda purification treatments, dietary changes, learning the Transcendental Meditation® technique, yoga, and specific herbal preparations. By the end of his stay, he could walk 800 yards unassisted.

Nearly twelve years after his in-residence program, he continues to follow our natural approach to MS, including diet, the Transcendental Meditation program and herbal preparations, and has not experienced any symptoms of relapse. He walks two miles daily, lifts weights and describes himself as having a positive attitude without depression or anxiety. His energy level is good and he is working full-time as a massage technician.

Testimonial: Multiple Sclerosis

Kathleen Bingen, Wisconsin, Diagnosed with MS

My name is Kathleen Bingen. In 1990 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two months before I was going to walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams. It was a devastating — and wonderful — time in my life.

My future husband accepted the responsibility without a second thought. We’ve now been married for 11 years and have two beautiful children.

However, his role of caretaker has increased in the last 4 years as my disease started to progress. Just last fall it became necessary for me to use a walker for assistance. Fatigue caused me to lower my 40-hour-a-week job as an administrative assistant to 12-15 hours. Each day the pain increased. I lived on pain-killers, fatigue medicines and nerve pain drugs. I was trying everything I could to put the disease in check, but nothing was working. My doctor told me I was in the stages of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

I created a personal website to help keep a positive spin on this not-so-positive disease. One day I found a new visitor to my site who posted a story about her experience at an Ayurveda health center called The Raj. At first, I shrugged off her “miracle recovery” from MS as some type of marketing ploy — but out of courtesy I sent her a note. The next day she responded with so much enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but feel she was telling a truthful story.

I started e-mailing The Raj, asking questions, and at some point I just knew that this was a place I needed to try for myself. Our arrival was mixed with emotions. Would this be worthwhile? Was I trying so desperately to find a cure that I would do anything? But I reminded myself of something my neurologist said. He said that everything he tries is experimental. He never knows if a certain drug or treatment will help me, but he has to try. Going to The Raj couldn’t hurt me more than the toxic prescriptions he’s had to give me over the years.

I felt progressively better after each daily treatment of herbal massage and other therapies designed to remove built-up toxins. It was truly amazing. My first relief of symptoms was an increase in energy that was noticeable after the second treatment. Each day the pain decreased and by the end of the seventh day all that was left was the weakness in my legs — which meant I still needed my walker.

I left The Raj no longer on painkillers, fatigue medications, or nerve pain drugs. The Raj told me to give my legs time, and they would be stronger too. Two days later my son crashed on his bicycle, and I just took off running! My legs were back!! No pain, no fatigue and no more walker!! At The Raj, I learned to change my diet and behavioral patterns and was sent home with only three herbs to take as a supplement. I give myself massages each morning with herbalized oil to help remove additional toxins. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up each day without the stiffness I have had for the past years. And this isn’t even half of what I learned. The Raj is an experience that everyone should try, even if you don’t have a chronic disease. I guarantee no one will leave without gaining something. As a matter of fact, anyone who wants to e-mail me directly with questions should feel free to do so. I will be happy to tell you more about my experience! rickalex2@frontier.com

Kathleen Bingen
Slinger, Wisconsin

The following is an e-mail we received from Kathy Bingen six weeks after her visit to The Raj:

Thought I’d share with all of you what happened at my doctor’s appointment today!! He was very impressed. At first he was skeptical of my reported progress until he did the neurological tests and had me “walk” down the hallway. I was actually lifting my feet as I strolled down the hallway, spun and strolled on back!

He did notice my balance isn’t completely perfect when he had me walk with eyes closed, heel to toe, heel to toe. I guess I did wobble a little but heck, last time I was there in May I couldn’t do it without him holding my shoulder.

He wrote a work release that increases my hours from 12-15 a week to 20 hours a week for now. If I’m still good by my next appointment I can go back to 40 hours. Maybe this will get the disability company to realize I can get better… smile. Well, that’s my news!


Testimonial: Multiple Sclerosis

During my stay at The Raj I noticed significant improvement in balance and feeling in my right side, which had previously been numb. During my week here I felt no fatigue and I now have better mobility. I can lift my right leg and am now able to grasp and carry a bag with my right hand, which was not possible when I arrived. I was very happy with everything and everyone during my stay at The Raj.

JL, diagnosed with MS

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The treatment team was beyond compare. I’ve never felt so loved, supported, protected or cared for. Really special and remarkable.

M. Handler

New insight, encouragement and motivation on my journey to health and healing. A very knowledgeable staff, good food, ambiance and very accommodating!!!


The whole crew did a wonderful job of guiding me through my unique physical needs and healing processes. Top notch care! Very understanding staff.

Justin Peoria, IL

I had no idea that such a wonderful place existed. I believe it was more than luck that I stumbled on The Raj’s website. From the moment I walked in the door, the sense of peace and serenity was everywhere. The staff is truly caring and sensitive to your medical, physical and emotional needs. I can’t wait to go back.

Linda, Orlando, FL

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