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The Raj Fertility Program, based on the science of Maharishi Ayurveda, provides the most comprehensive natural approach to fertility and conception available today.

According to Ayurveda, the reproductive tissue is the very last tissue in the body to be created. A healthy reproductive system results from a seven-step sequential transformational process that should culminate in refined and balanced tissue.  Lack of nourishment, toxins, or blockages at any of the seven steps can disrupt reproductive function. Poor diet, weak digestion, an erratic lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors can lead to an accumulation of impurities that are the frequent causes of fertility problems.

At the heart of The Raj programs are the traditional purification treatments of Ayurveda, known as Panchakarma.  These gentle, yet powerful therapies remove deep-seated toxins and impurities and help open the channels of circulation and elimination. They also help to strengthen digestion and metabolism, allowing for the cells and tissues to be more effectively nourished and supported.

The Raj Fertility Program enlivens the body’s natural healing ability, not only helping restore fertility, but improving overall health and well-being.

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Our goal is to help you progress toward balanced health during your stay and to give you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy continued improvement when you return home.
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    Our Ayurveda Experts will design an individualized fertility program for you. You will leave with specialized recommendations to allow you to continue your progress at home.

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    For 25 years The Raj has lead the field in Ayurveda treatments. By accepting only 15 guests at a time, The Raj maintains the highest quality of individualized service and treatment.


“After two days of panchakarma plus daily yoga, I felt I'd entered the uncharted zones beyond relaxation—and could easily get used to the feeling.”

“One of the seven recommended Ayurveda Health Centers in the U.S.A.”

"The Raj is truly a place to regain a radiant state of health, spiritual well-being, and youthfulness."

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"The center is both an enlightening and a therapeutic experience for those who are seeking a better understanding of their body and metabolism."

"By my second day, I began to notice that tension and imbalance seemed to be lifted from my body. I felt renewed, refreshed, with a clearer peace of mind, and it was like nothing I've felt before."

"One of the top seven destination spas capable of customizing an intimate, personalized spa experience that meets individual health goals."

Frequently Asked Questions

Good parenting begins before a child is even conceived. Ayurveda offers knowledge to help parents enhance the health of their offspring before conception occurs.

According to Ayurveda, a healthy reproductive system results from a seven-step sequential transformation process. Lack of nourishment, or blockage at any of the seven steps can disrupt reproductive tissue function. Let’s look at the seven-step process in more detail:

To prepare for conception, both the mother and the father need to be strong and in good health. All systems of both parents, from the subtlest to the most outward, will share in the building of a new healthy and balanced life.  Physically, the woman must have a healthy uterus and ovum, and the man must have healthy sperm. For both, a healthy genito-urinary tract and overall good health are important.

Ayurveda explains that there are seven types of bodily tissues. These are:

  • Nutritional fluid
  • Blood
  • Muscle
  • Fat
  • Bone
  • Bone marrow
  • Reproductive fluid

The last of the tissues, the reproductive fluid, is found in both men and women. In women, it transforms into the ovum as part of the monthly cycle. In men, reproductive fluid moves down to the testes and gets transformed into semen. The reproductive fluid itself is created as part of a long chain of metabolic transformations. These transformations start with the digestion of food and include the transformation of food to nutrient fluid, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and, finally, to reproductive fluid. Thus, healthy reproductive depends on the health of all the other tissues in the body.

Because this process begins with food, proper diet and a strong digestion play important roles in fertility and conception. When digestion is weak, impurities can build up in the body and create problems with the quality of transformations of the tissues.

This is why Panchakarma, the traditional purification procedures of Ayurveda, are at the heart of our fertility program.

The role of the traditional Ayurvedic purification treatments, known as Panchakarma, in The Raj Fertility Program is three-fold.

The first function is to remove blockages and impurities that have compromised the biochemistry of the reproductive tissues to allow for proper functioning.  

The second is to remove toxins in both the ova and sperm. The ideal process of child development begins with both parents, at least 6 months before conception, In order for the baby to arrive balanced and healthy, each parent’s contribution to the formation of the zygote must be as healthy and pure as possible.

The third role of our purification treatments is to ensure a healthy environment in which the fetus can grow to maturity. This is especially timely since the current level of environmental toxins has created a situation where preconception purification is almost a necessity. In utero toxins are now being linked to the unprecedented rise in neurological disorders and learning disabilities.  The Raj Panchakarma treatments taken prior to conception help to purify the mother’s system, so that when she does conceive, the developing fetus is not exposed to an overwhelming toxic load.

In order to have the most significant impact on the health of future children, it is ideal for both parents to have purification treatments prior to conception. Through these time-tested Ayurvedic treatments, the physiologies of both the father and mother can be cleansed of both water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins. In this way, each parent contributes the finest reproductive material.  The effect of The Raj Ayurvedic treatments in eliminating both toxins has been verified by published research since 2002.

A published study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Sept/Oct. 2002 showed that a five-day program of Panchakarma at The Raj resulted in a 50% reduction of blood levels of fat-soluble toxins such as PCBs, DDT and dioxins. Currently modern medicine offers no means of removing these fat-soluble environmental chemicals from the body. The half-life of these chemicals in the human body is thought to be 7 to 11 years. (A half-life is the time required for a given substance to fall to half its initial value.)

Environmental toxins affect fertility on many levels, Many women in their 30’s and 40’s have difficult time conceiving because of low amounts of progesterone in their bodies. While this can be a natural result of perimenopause, many researchers feel that the presence of estrogen-mimicking environmental chemicals such as pesticides, plastics, and herbicides, are also to blame. When the body absorbs these chemical, it gets tricked into thinking that estrogen levels are too high and compensates by lowering progesterone levels. Progesterone levels are very important for conception.

Once the impurities are removed from the tissues, the body is more able to respond to the dietary and behavioral changes of the parents-to-be.

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I feel lighter, calmer, more relaxed. For the first time, I have hope that my health issues will continue to improve as I continue my Ayurvedic holistic routine. Also, all the staff was amazing!!

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The organization and flow of each process was superb and flawlessly executed. I feel very loved and supported, and am already planning my return.

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Wonderful stay! This was my first time here and during my stay felt very supported while completing my PK treatments. My body feels light and unencumbered. My mind is more clear and calm. Thanks to all who helped me achieve better balance in mind and body.


Everyone has contributed to a wonderful experience. The technicians were absolutely amazing!

Jean J.

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