Ayurvedic Diabetes Program

The Raj Diabetes Program, based on the science of Maharishi Ayurveda, provides the most comprehensive natural approach to diabetes, both in terms of identifying causes and providing treatment.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that arises when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Chronic high blood sugar can cause serious health problems.

Ayurveda considers poor digestion as the primary cause of diabetes. Weak digestion leads to the production of a sticky toxin, known as ama that can accumulate in the pancreatic cells and impair the production of insulin.

The Raj diabetes program addresses the root cause of the diabetes by removing deep-seated impurities to create a healthier metabolic system. Our purification treatments help strengthen immunity, improve digestion, and rejuvenate tissues throughout the entire physiology.  Along with our treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes are also recommended to support the production of insulin and restore balanced functioning. 

Many guests have reported success in managing their blood sugar levels as a result of our Ayurvedic diabetes program.

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Our goal is to help you progress toward balanced health during your stay and to give you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy continued improvement when you return home.
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    Our Ayurveda experts will design a customized program for your diabetes condition, including specialized recommendations to continue at home.

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    For 25 years The Raj has lead the field in Ayurveda treatments. By accepting only 15 guests at a time, The Raj maintains the highest quality of individualized service and treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda recognizes the key role that poor digestion —and the resulting build-up of toxin waste products—plays in the development of diabetes.

When toxins build up in tissues, they can block the channels of circulation to affected areas, diminishing the natural cleansing processes of the body and allowing more impurities to accumulate.

With diabetes, we see this happening in the pancreas. Toxins accumulate the pancreatic cells and impair the production of insulin. The Raj Ayurveda Diabetes treatment program offers a multi-modality approach to improving digestion, eliminating the buildup of impurities and reducing blockage of circulation to tissues. The Ayurveda purification treatments received during your stay form the cornerstone of your in-residence treatment program. The traditional cleansing therapies, known as Panchakarma (Five Actions), cleanse the body and open the channels of circulation, providing the most thorough internal cleansing programs available today. In fact, research has shown that these treatments remove a class of toxins (fat-soluble toxins) that no other purification treatments can remove.

Unlike modern science that divides diabetes into two categories, Ayurveda divides diabetes into 20 sub-divisions. These sub-divisions are based on doshas. Four of the divisions are connected to Vata dosha, six to Pitta dosha and ten to Kapha dosha.

The most common sub-division is the one rooted in Kapha dosha. Many factors can create an imbalance in Kapha dosha, including heavy foods, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive sleep, and stress. An important component in treating diabetes is to balance and stabilize Kapha dosha.

When Kapha builds up in the stomach, it can put stress on the pancreas. Excess Kapha can also block the bile duct, where the pancreas secretes insulin. If this occurs, it can lead to an imbalance in Pitta dosha as well. Unbalanced Pitta can damage the liver, and put pressure on the kidneys.

Vata dosha can also play a part in aggravating symptoms of diabetes, such as the deterioration of tissues and vital organs. This is why your initial Ayurveda consultation is such a key part of your in-residence treatment program. It is important to identify which doshas have become aggravated, and to understand your unique state of balance and imbalance.

During an in-residence stay for diabetes, our Ayurveda experts will utilize the technique of Pulse Assessment to determine the state of balance and imbalance in your body’s inner intelligence.
This assessment is not an evaluation of the state of cells and tissues but an evaluation of a deeper level of physiological functioning that controls the healing and self-repair mechanisms of the body. Disruptions on this level are the root cause of most disorders.

People can have diabetes for different reasons and need customized programs to address their specific condition. This is the value of the initial Ayurvedic assessment at the start of your program.

For a more detailed overview of your in-residence program at The Raj, click here

Diabetes can be triggered by, and aggravated through, improper diet. Some foods can make Kapha highly active, while others aggravate Vata.

Consultations with The Raj Ayurveda experts, along with daily educational meetings, will help you understand which foods may obstruct circulation and create digestive issues. These foods have the potential to create toxins and need to be avoided. You will also learn which foods are more easily digested, creating micronutrients that can be easily assimilated into the tissues, rebuilding strength and balance.

As important as what you eat is how well you digest, metabolize, and eliminate food. The Raj Diabetes Program helps to improve digestion, metabolism and elimination. While poor diet can aggravate diabetes, proper nutrition is vital in managing and preventing it.

Both mental and physical stress can worsen diabetes. There are hormonal changes and other biochemical responses to stress that can aggravate the nervous system, raising blood sugar levels, impairing glucose tolerance, increasing insulin resistance and constricting blood vessels, eventually leading to high pressure.

Under stress, the adrenal glands produce the stress-fighting hormone, cortisol. It also sends protein stores and glucose from your liver into the blood so that energy can be immediately available to your muscles. This helps enable the famous “fight or flight” response. It also results in high blood sugar. If cells and tissues are blocked with impurities, Kapha dosha can build up in the stomach, small intestine, kidneys, and pancreas. This can lead to or aggravate diabetes.

Enhancing the body’s ability to recover from stress is an integral part of The Raj’s approach to health and well-being.

One of the most important factors for balancing the three doshas and maintaining stability in the nervous system is to have a lifestyle that does not disrupt natural bodily rhythms. If your diet and daily routine constantly fluctuate, the body loses its natural balancing cycles and cannot cleanse or heal itself as effectively. Our Ayurveda experts will review your daily routine and provide information you need to create a daily schedule that will help to increase balance in your nervous system and aid in healing your body.

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I feel better. My breathing is significantly better and my diabetic neuropathy has considerably lessened. I feel rested and lighter in my moods and my body. I had a really good experience.

Lauretta Fortune

I have had a very stressful year and needed to head toward a healthy lifestyle. As I leave The Raj, that goal has been accomplished with the education and the cleansing/purifying therapies.

Betsy S.

The Raj is consistently the best place to go for a restorative spa to promote and enhance health. I’ve been coming here for over 18 years. I am never disappointed.

Linda Nocita

I came two years ago. Since that first visit I have lost 15 pounds and am much healthier and happier. This visit was another big step toward perfect health.

Malinda Maria Elliott

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Guests arrive at The Raj with their own personal set of health and wellness goals. Our commitment is to help you understand your unique individual nature, to identify areas of imbalance, and to create a customized treatment program to address your needs. Our all-inclusive packages include everything you need to experience optimal results, and to continue your progress when you return home.

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